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Weekly Update: October 30, 2017
by Brian Gill 2017-10-31 11:51:00

Week of October 30, 2017

Important Upcoming Dates

October 30 Developmental Session II Begins
October 31 Halloween- NO PRACTICE for Developmental, AG, & JR groups
November 1 Rescheduled Developmental practice (6:15-7:15 PM) due to Halloween on Tues., 10/31
November 4-5 Martha Bass Invitational
November 7 Scratch Deadline for Marlins Invitational (in Marietta, GA)- Please be sure to Attend / Decline for the meet through TeamUnify
November 7 Scratch Deadline for Jingle Bell Classic (in Dalton, GA)- Please be sure to Attend / Decline for the meet through TeamUnify
December 1-3 Marlins Invitational- Marietta, GA
December 2 Jingle Bell Classic- Dalton, GA
December 6-9 Speedo Winter Junior Championships EAST- Knoxville, TN



Martha Bass Invitational- THIS WEEKEND: November 4-5, 2017 at the Baylor School Natatorium

This weekend the Baylor Swim Club will host and compete in the 28th Annual Martha Bass Invitational. The coaching staff is looking forward to some great performances this weekend. Please see all the important information below about attending the swim meet this weekend.

VOLUNTEER Information

You will receive an email reminding you to check the volunteer job sign-up on TeamUnify to verify positions and report times. All volunteers must sign in at the Volunteer Check IN Table in the pool lobby BEFORE each session. Please be sure to sign in at the VOLUNTEER table BEFORE your session starts as it is these sheets we will use to determine who has worked and who did not fulfill their requirements. It is imperative that all volunteers report at the assigned time.

The volunteer person at the table will check you off the list when you sign in. You will be given name tag to wear during the session.

We need all swim club families to help to make this meet run smooth. Thank you for being so willing to serve and support our staff and your swimmers. Our club staff and swimmers greatly appreciate all that you all do for the club. We could not be successful without you.

Meet & Warm Up Schedule

13 & Over AM Session- Warm Up: 7:00-8:00 AM (Please arrive by 6:45 AM);  Meet starts at 8:15 AM
12 & Under Mid day session- Warm Up: approx. 10:35-11:05 AM (Please arrive by 10:20 AM); Meet starts at approx. 11:15 AM
13 & Over AM Session- Warm Up: approx. 2:30-3:00 PM (Please arrive by 2:15 PM);  Meet starts at 3:05 PM

13 & Over AM Session- Warm Up: 7:00-8:00 AM (Please arrive by 6:45 AM);  Meet starts at 8:15 AM
12 & Under PM session- Warm Up: approx. 11:35 AM-12:05 PM (Please arrive by 11:20 AM); Meet starts at approx. 12:10 PM

Meet Information / Entries
Click Here! for Meet Entries
Click Here! for Meet Information
Click Here! for Approx. Timeline
Meet Info Page

There are NO RELAYS in this meet.

What to Bring
Baylor cap (RED BAYLOR CAPS ONLY), Arena team suit, goggles, two towels, NEW Baylor Swim Club GREY registration t-shirt on Sat.., and any RED Baylor t-shirt on Sun., sweat shirt/pants, activities (gameboy, books, etc.), water bottle, and healthy snacks. Please be sure to wear some warm clothing before and after you swim, this includes socks and or shoes to keep your feet warm.

Here are some Important Things to Remember About Going to a Swim Meet

  • Prior to the beginning of the meet, ALL parents should write the events the child will be swimming on the child's arm. This should include event #, heat #, and lane #. (This information can be found by accessing a heat sheet, which will be posted on the website in the hosted meets section on Thursday, 11/2) This will enable the swimmer to determine if he/she is in the correct place.
  • All Baylor swimmers will be sitting together in a designated area. All swimmers must remain in that area while they are not swimming an event. Only swimmers, coaches, and meet volunteers will be allowed on the pool deck during the meet. The field house adjacent to the pool will be available for swimmers to camp out to wait for events. Only swimmers, coaches, and meet volunteers will be allowed on the pool deck during the meet.
  • Immediately before and after each race, your child should see the coaching staff to get feedback on their performance. This is the best time for the child to get a clear understanding of what things they did well, and what they still need to work on.
  • All swimmers are responsible for getting behind the blocks in their correct heat and lane before each race. (There will be kid pushers available to assist the 8 & Unders with getting to the blocks for their races)
  • Parents please remember that the coaches are not responsible for getting swimmers to the blocks for their race. The coaches need to make sure they watch every child's race. Go out and have fun, and swim your best.
  • All parents must remain off the pool deck and in the stands above the pool during the swim meet. The pool is reserved for swimmers, meet officials, and meet volunteers ONLY.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: We are not all about awards and time standards. Your child may not always have a best time or get an award, but they may do other things that the coaching staff and the swimmer should be proud of.
  • For more detailed information regarding attending swim meets please see the following pages in your team handbook: page 14- Swim Meet Policies, pages 15-17- Competitions, and page 17-18- Meet Entries. (Baylor Swim Club Team Handbook: 2017-2018 Season)


Halloween Practice Schedule Changes

There will be NO PRACTICE for ALL Developmental, AG, and Junior practice groups due to Halloween on Tues., Oct. 31st. Senior/Varsity, Senior 2, and those that practice at the Hamilton YMCA will be on a regular schedule on Halloween,

Due to the missed practice for the Developmental 3 day/week group we will have practice on Wed., Nov. 1st at their regularly scheduled time from 6:15-7:15 PM.


Scratch Deadline for Marlins Invitational & Jingle Bell Classic

There are two very important meet scratch deadlines approaching. The scratch deadline for the Marlins Invitational (Dec. 1-3) in Marietta, GA Jingle Bell Classic (Dec. 2) in Dalton, GA and the. See all the scratch dates below.

The TWS Invitational in Marietta, GA (Dec. 11-13) is OPEN to all AG, Juniors, Senior/Varsity, and Senior 2 practice groups. Please be sure to Attend or Decline for the meet through TeamUnify by Tuesday, Nov. 7th

Marlins Invitational Meet Information


The Jingle Bell Classic in Dalton, GA (Dec. 2) is OPEN to all Developmental group swimmers ONLY. Please be sure to Attend or Decline for the meet through TeamUnify by Tuesday, Nov. 7th.

Jingle Bell Classic Meet Information


Meet Information is now available in the meets-info/results section of the web site.


Ghosts & Goblins Invade Baylor for Halloween

CHATTANOOGA, TN- On Thursday evening, October 26th, the Baylor Swim Club and Diving Club had their annual Halloween Bash at the Baylor School. Over seventy swimmers and divers with ages ranging from five to fourteen-years-olds dressed up in their Halloween costumes, and participated in the event.

All members attending the party were also asked to bring at least two canned foods to be donated to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank to prepare for the holiday season.

There was a costume contest, Halloween games were played, everyone ate pizza, and party favors were handed out at the conclusion of the party.




Freeman Makes 18 & Under World 100 for 2nd Year In a Row

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- On Thursday, October 26th, USA Swimming announced the honorees for the second-annual 18 & Under World 100, recognizing many of the nation’s top up-and-coming swimmers for their performances in 2017. Baylor Swim Club / Baylor School athlete Trey Freeman was named to the 18 & Under World 100 program ranked 7th in the nation, and has a world ranking of 5th in the 400 meter freestyle. In 2016 he was ranked 28th in the nation, and had a world ranking of 23rd in the 400 meter freestyle.




Solid Performance for Baylor at October Invitational

CHATTANOOGA, TN- On the weekend of October 21-22, 2017 over seventy Baylor Swim Club athletes competed in the October Invitational held at the McCallie School. Overall it was a solid early season performance from the athletes that attend the competition.

Complete Meet Results




Practice Changes During High School & Middle School Swimming Seasons

The coaching staff has gone ahead and made some practice schedule changes during the Middle School and High School swimming seasons because of meets being held at Baylor. If the practice group was not canceled, rescheduled or listed then practice will be held at the regularly scheduled time. (All practices at the Hamilton YMCA remain the same as scheduled). Please be sure to make a note of theses changes.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 1st
    Developmental- 6:15-7:15 PM (Rescheduled practice due to Halloween on Tues., 10/31)
    AG- 6:30-8:00 PM
    Junior- 6:30-8:15 PM

  • Tuesday, Nov. 14th
    AG- 6:30-8:00 PM
    Junior- 6:30-8:15 PM

  • Tuesday, Dec. 12th
    AG- 6:30-8:00 PM
    Junior- 6:30-8:15 PM

  • Tuesday, Jan. 9th
    AG- 6:30-8:00 PM
    Junior- 6:30-8:15 PM
  • Tuesday, Jan. 16th
    AG- 6:30-8:00 PM
    Junior- 6:30-8:15 PM

Baylor Swim Club members, families, and friends are all invited and encouraged to come attend and watch either the middle school and/or varsity meets while the teams are competing at our home pool.

****NOTE: If there are some groups that are practicing during these swim meets please note that all the practices will be held at the diving end of the Natatorium. Swimmers are to remain at that end of the pool ONLY. All parents are to remain up in the bleachers above the pool. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.


Baylor Swimmers in College for the 2017-2018 Season

Baylor currently has a total of nineteen alumni swimming in college programs across the country. In the alumni section of the website, the Baylor swimmers in college for the 2017-2018 season has been updated. Follow them on this page through their 2017-2018 college season.




Hotel Information for the 2017-2018 Short Course Season

Below you will find hotel reservation information for away swim meets during the 2017-2018 short course season for the Baylor Swim Club. In order to access this information you will need to login to the member section of the website.



Swimmers Folders / Awards from Meets

New folders have been created for the 2017-2018 season and are available. All awards from meets and past meets will be filed in the athletes folders on the pool deck. Each athlete on the Baylor Swim Club should have a folder where these awards will be placed after meets. Many ribbons and medals from past meets have also been filed there as well. Please have your child check the folders on the pool deck after practices. The folder boxes are located on a table next to the staff office on the pool deck. If for some reason your child does not have a folder, please email Coach Brian. Special thanks to Florence Porter for getting them organized this year.


All-American Swim Supply Online TEAM Store & Contact Info

Below you will find login information for Baylor Swim Club's online TEAM STORE on and the most up to date contact information for our team vendor, All-American Swim Supply. If you need to order team suits or practice equipment please order from the TEAM STORE or contact their Roswell, GA location.



Fall Parents Meeting Information Handout

Thank you to all that were able to attend the Fall Parents meeting. The Parent Information handout from the Fall Parent Meeting held on August 31, 2017 is now available on the website. A YouTube Video of the meeting is also available for viewing. See the link above for all the parent meeting information.


2017-2018 Team Handbook Now Available

The 2017-2018 Baylor Swim Club Team Handbook is now available on the website. The Team Handbook consists of all the policies and procedures for members that have joined the Baylor Swim Club. See the link above for the team handbook.

The Baylor Swim Club Volunteer Handbook is now posted online. Listed below are many of the opportunities available for parents to contribute and show their support of the Baylor Swim Club. Most positions are only necessary during home meets. See the link above for the volunteer handbook.


Locker Room Use

This is a reminder to all Baylor Swim Club members, that the only locker rooms that should be used are the lower school boys and girls locker rooms. The upper school locker rooms and lockers are reserved only for Baylor School Varsity swimmers. Please remember not to leave any personal belongings in the locker rooms or lockers. All equipment and belongs need to be taken home each night after practices. If any personal belongings or equipment are left in the locker rooms, it will be collected and placed in the lost and found area in the equipment room / endless pool room. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.


Swim Meet Advertising for the 2017-2018 Season

The Baylor Swim Club Swim Meet Advertising form is now available. Please consider purchasing an ad in the heat sheet for one or all of the meets that are being hosted at the Baylor School Natatorium for the 2017-2018 season.


Website Login Information

The coaching staff has been posting some important information that you will need to know so please take the time to get a login and begin checking the MEMBER NEWS section on a consistent basis. Below you will find directions on how to get a member login.

Directions for Member Login

• Go to the main menu on the homepage and click LOGIN
• On the login screen click REGISTER in the bottom left hand corner of the login box
• On the REQUEST LOGIN page please fill out all of the required information.
• Once this is completed the administrator of the website will verify that you are a member of Baylor Swim Club.
• Following this you will receive an email giving you further login directions with a username and password

After you have logged in for the first time, please take the time to fill out the brief family information form. We are trying to collect as much info electronically as possible. You can find the family info form under the members tab on the main menu.

If for some reason you are having issues logging in or you need your password reset please email Coach Brian.

Below are links to the two sections that are now blocked without a member login

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


News from the Club Office

Parents, I just want to review some billing items with you. The TeamUnify system will bill accounts to you on the 1st of every month. The statements will contain your monthly dues and any other charges such as caps meet fees hospitality fees, etc. and a late fee will be assessed on the 21st of each month. Any payments that are unable to be processed on the 1st will accrue processing fees in addition to the charges. This fee comes from our processing merchant. Any accounts that are 30 days past due will result in your child being held out of the water.

Our developmental sessions are 8 week sessions so you will receive statements bi-monthly with the dues. As long as you are registered before the first day of the session you will be ready to participate in that session. Once you have registered the first time you will no longer be charged the USA and Club registration fees. Those fees are only charged at the beginning of each new swim year. Through TeamUnify you will automatically be billed for the next developmental session unless you have emailed the club by the 5th day of the month preceding the next session. So if you do not want to participate in session 2 you must email the club no later the October 5th. Telling your coach that you are not doing the next session will not keep you from being billed. Be sure to send the email to the club.

We will not allow children to practice until the online registration has been completed.

If you are planning on taking a break and your child is in AG, Junior, or Senior, remember in order not to be billed for the next month I need to have written notification at least 30 days in advance. So for example, if you know you are not going to swim in December I must receive an email from you stating that no later than Nov.1. If the written statement is not received by that date you will be charged. Please understand that telling the coach does not count as proper notification. Notifications must be sent to Laura Pitman.

The yearly hospitality fee of $120 is charged in October. If you join in October or later the hospitality fee is charged the month following your registration. This is the only additional fee our families are charged outside of meet fees. We do not require any fund raising. The hospitality fee is to supply food for the coaches and officials at all of our hosted meets. Some of these people are here for 3 meals and they greatly appreciate our hospitality. If you have concerns about this fee please contact me directly.

If you have any further questions please email Laura Pitman



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While our website continues to be our central source of information, now you can keep up with all the latest Baylor Swimming news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Channel. Simply use this page as your portal for easy access to Baylor Swimming's social media pages.


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