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Senior Girls Lead Baylor at the Richard Quick Invitational
by Brian Gill 2017-06-28 14:24:00

AUBURN, AL- This past weekend, June 23-25, 2017 the Baylor Swim Club competed in the 2017 Richard Quick Invitational in Auburn, AL. Over 800 swimmers from the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama competed in the swim meet held at the James E. Martin Aquatics Center on the campus of Auburn University. Leading the way for Baylor was a strong effort from the senior girls. Cecilia Porter and Ellie Waldrep were race winners in the senior 50 breaststroke and senior 50 backstroke events, while Addison Smith took second overall in the senior 200 IM.

Complete Meet Results
Photo Gallery

Baylor Top 16 Finishers

12 & Under

Sam Flack (5th-50 BR, 8th-100 BR, 13th-200 IM, 14th-50 BK, 15th-100 BK); Ava McCory (8th-200 IM, 9th-50 FLY, 11th-50 BK, 12th-50 FR, 13th-100 FR, 14th-100 BK); Charlotte Murphree (13th-50 BR); Caroline Schenck (8th-200 FR, 10th-100 FR, 14th-400 FR, 15th-50 FR, 16th-50 BK); Reese Skiles (11th-50 BR); Vivian Vetzel (9th-50 BK, 10th-50 BR, 12th-100 BK, 13th-50 FR, 100 BR); Luke Waldrep (1st-50 FR, 50 BK, 2nd-100 FR, 200 FR, 100 BK, 3rd-200 IM);

13-14 and Senior

Jewel Gordon (16th-50 FR); Jason Green (15th-400 IM, 16th-200 IM); Jamee Mitchum (14th-100 BK,15th-200 FLY, 16th-100 FLY); Cecilia Porter (1st-50 BR, 2nd-200 BR, 6th-100 BR); Addison Smith (2nd-200 IM, 3rd-200 FR, 4th-400 IM, 5th-100 FLY, 7th-400 FR); Ellie Waldrep (1st-50 BK, 5th-100 BK, 6th-200 BK)

New Personal Best Times (Juniors & below listed only)

Owen Eastman (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 BK, 50 BR, 200 BR, 200 IM); Sam Flack (50 BK, 100 BK, 50 BR, 100 BR, 200 IM); Margaret Anne Hudson (100 BR, 200 IM); Charlotte Murphree (50 FR, 50 BK, 100 BK, 50 BR, 50 FLY, 200 IM); Katherine Johnson (50 FR, 50 BK, 100 FLY); Lucy Lydon (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 BK, 50 FLY); Ava McCoy (100 FR, 50 BK, 100 BK, 50 FLy); Bella Miller (100 BR, 50 FLY, 100 FLY); Caroline Schenck (50 FR, 100 FR, 200 FR, 400 FR, 50 BK); Reese Skiles (100 FR, 50 BR, 50 FLY); Zoe Solomon (100 FR); Vivian Vetzel (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 BK, 100 BK, 100 BR); George Von Canon (200 FR, 100 BK, 200 BK, 50 FLY, 100 FLY, 200 FLY); Luke Waldrep (100 FR, 200 FR, 50 BK, 100 BK); Kate Wood (50 FR, 100 FR);

photos by Dana Sims