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Coach Jenny Smith Completes Swim Across the English Channel
by Brian Gill 2017-08-14 11:32:00

DOVER, United Kingdom- Baylor Tri-Masters and Middle School Coach Jenny Smith successfuly completed an ultra distance swim across the English Channel on Monday, August 14th at approximately 9:45 AM EST. Coach Smith finished the swim in 11 hours 13 minutes and 16 seconds, and swam a total of 28 miles. The swim started at or near Shakespeare's Cliff or Samphire Hoe (in between Folkestone and Dover), and to finished at or near Cap Gris Nez (between Boulogne and Calais).

Coach Smith has been an open water distance swimmer for years, and she has been training and planning for this swim for several years. The distance across the English Channel is approximately 21 miles or 32 kilometers. The fastest that anyone has made it across the English Channel is 7 hours, while the slowest is 27 hours. Her swim was piloted by Captain Andy King aboard the Louise Jane.

What is special about the English Channel Swim?

The English Channel is a unique and demanding swim, considered by many to be the ultimate long distance challenge. It isn't just the distance that is the challenge, but more, the variable conditions that you are likely to encounter. These may vary for mirror like conditions to wind force 6 and wave heights in excess of 2 meters. The water is cold and, there is a good chance of meeting jellyfish, seaweed and the occasional plank of wood. It is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world with 600 tankers passing through and 200 ferries/seacats and other vessels going across daily.