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Baylor Swimmers on FIRE at the 2017 CASL City Meet!
by Brian Gill 2017-07-20 10:52:00

Baylor Swimmers On FIRE at the 2017 CASL CITY Meet!

CHATTANOOGA, TN- Congratulations to all swimmers that competed in the 2017 CASL Bill Caulkins City Meet held at the Fort Oglethorpe City Swimming Pool on Friday and Saturday, July 14th and 15th. All Baylor Swim Club members that competed did an outstanding job and represented Baylor Swimming well. Please continue to talk up the Baylor Swim Club program, and we look forward to seeing some new faces this fall. You can find out more information about our year round competitive swimming program by visiting our JOIN BAYLOR SWIM CLUB PAGE.

Team Scores (Top 5 ONLY)
1 Signal Mountain Green Giants 2,461.50
2 Dalton Dolphins 1,960
3 Ooltewah Tidal Waves 1,757
4 Stuart Heights Swim Team 1,697.50
5 Fairyland Flash Swim Team 971

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Congratulations to the following Baylor Swim Club Athletes for finishing in the Top 16:

6 & Unders
Addison Borders-SMST (16th-25 FR); Klein Boyd-SMST (5th-25 BK, 8th-25 FR); Audrey Ruth-SMST (1st-25 BK); Sage Sillery-STH (9th-25 FR); Addie Soder-RBST (6th-25 FR, 7th-25 BK); William Wood-SMST (13th-25 BK);

8 & Unders
Marydee Barnett- SMST (10th-25 BK, 15th- 25 BR, 15th-50 FR); Connor Beckham- SMST (10th-25 BK, 14th-25 FLY, 15th-25 FR, 16th-50 FR); Christopher Farnham- BRR (2nd-25 BK, 6th-25 FLY, 9th-25 FR) Mae Thomas Garrett- FCLUB (10th-50 FR, 14th-25 FR, 16th-25 FLY); Adam Garcia TWSA (6th-25 BR, 8th-50 FR, 8th-25 FR, 10th-25 FLY, 16th-25 BK); Sarah Griffith- RBST (3rd-25 BR, 10th-100 IM, 15th-25 FLY); Cayden Henry-SMST (14th-25 BK); J.J Hoover- SMST (4th-25 BK10th-25 BR); Sam Laramore- SMST (1st-25 BR, 2nd-100 IM, 4th-50 FR, 4th-25 FLY, 5th-25 FR); Lucy Lydon-STH (16th-25 FR); Matthew McCoy- STH (12th-25 BR); Alyssa Pashley (9th-25 BK, 14th-100 IM); Sarah Sabou- TWSA (14th-25 BR); Katie Grace Tuder- CGCC (1st-25 FR, 2nd-25 BR, 3rd-100 IM, 3rd-50 FR, 4th-25 FLY); Ashlyn Walmsley- SMST (14th-25 FLY, 15th-100 IM); Charles Wood- SMST (11th-25 BR BR, 12th-25 BK, 12th-50 FR, 12th-25 FLY, 16th-25 FR); Kate Wood- SMST (5th-100 IM, 9th-50 FR, 12th-25 BK);

Ada Boyd- SMST (13th-100 FR, 14th-50 BK); Logan Carroll-BRR (15th-50 BK); Camden Cloud- CGWS (14th-100 FR); Nate Farnham- BRR (15th-50 FLY); KaraLin Hoover- SMST (7th-50 BR, 10th-50 BK, 11th-100 IM); Hannah Laramore- SMST (5th-100 FR, 5th-50 FR, 6th-50 BR, 7th-100 IM, 11th-50 FLY); Cooper Lehman- STH (2nd-50 BR, 3rd-100 FR, 4th-50 FLY, 7th-100 IM, 7th-50 BK); Addie Llyod- SMST (13th-50 BK, 13th-25 BR, 15th-100 FR); Ellie Lydon- STH (4th-50 FLY, 4th-100 FR, 6th-50 BK, 6th-50 FR); Ava McCoy- STH (3rd-50 BR, 6th-100 IM, 6th-100 FR, 9th-50 FR, 10th-50 FLY); Joseph Myers- STH (6th-50 BK, 7th-100 FR, 10th-100 IM, 10th-50 FR); Camden Nelson- STH (6th-50 FLY, 9th-100 IM, 12th-100 FR, 12th-50 BK, 14th-50 FR); David Sabou- TWSA (11th-50 BK, 11th-100 IM, 12th-50 BR, 12th-100 FR); Hunter Shaw- BRR (7th-50 FLY, 9th-50 BK, 12th-100 IM, 14th-100 FR, 16th-50 FR); Luke Smiley- SMST (14th-50 BR); Vivian Vetzel- CGCC (5th-25 BR, 7th-50 BK, 8th-100 IM, 10th-50 FR, 11th-100 FR); Luke Waldrep- STH (1st-50 FR, 1st-100 IM, 1st-50 BR, 1st-100 FR, 2nd-50 FLY);

Laken Coppinger- SMST (6th-50 BK, 7th-50 FLY, 7th-100 FR, 11th-100 IM, 11th-50 FR); Sam Flack- STH (8th-50 BR, 9th-100 FR, 9th-50 BK, 10th-100 IM, 14th-50 FR); Charlie Han- BRR (2nd-50 BR, 3rd- 100 FR, 4th-100 FR, 5th-50 FR, 6th-50 FLY); Jude Smith- SMST (12th-100 FR, 13th-50 BK, 14th-100 IM); Jake Holmes- SMST (11th-50 BK, 15th-100 FR); Addie Margio- CGCC (4th-50 BR); Bella Miller- SMST (3rd-50 BR, 8th-100 FR, 11th-50 FLY, 13th-100 IM, 16th-50 FR); Vincent Porter- SMST (6th-50 BR, 13th-50 FLY); Caroline Schenck- CGCC (1st-100 IM, 2nd-50 BR, 2nd-100 FR, 3rd-50 FR, 4th-50 BK); Reese Skiles- STH (7th-100 IM, 8th-50 BK, 8th-50 FLY, 11th-100 FR, 14th-50 FR);

Lydia Bohannon- CGCC (3rd-50 BK, 3rd-50 FLY, 5th-100 FR, 9th-50 FR); Karoline Bonastia-SMST (16th-50 BK); Owen Eastman- RDG (7th-50 BR, 14th-50 BK); Margaret Anne Hudson- CGCC (5th-50 BR, 8th-50 FR, 8th-50 FLY, 10th-100 FR); Bella Lehman- STH (13th-50 BK, 14th-50 BR); Chase Post- SMST (5th-50 BR, 7th-50 BK, 7th-50 FR, 8th-100 FR); Aidan Shaw-BRR (8th-50 FLY); Aidan Sims- SMST (1st-100 FR, 2nd-50 FLY, 2nd-50 FR, 5th-50 BK); Jack Smith- SMST (8th-50 BR, 10th-50 FLY, 11th-100 FR, 13th-50 FR); Damiel Snyder- SMST (15th-100 FR); Ellie Waldrep- STH (1st-50 BK, 1st-100 IM, 2nd-100 FR, 2nd-50 FLY, 3rd-50 FR); Amelia Wills- SMST (7th-50 FLY,11th-100 FR, 11th-50 BK, 12th-50 FR);


Taryn Dailey- SMST (7th-100 FR, 8th-50 FR, 8th-50 BR, 8th-100 IM, 8th-50 FLY); Trey Freeman- SMST (1st-50 BK, 1st-50 FR, 1st-100 FR, 1st-100 IM, 1st-50 FLY); Jason Green- SMST (5th-100 IM, 6th-50 FLY, 7th-50 FR, 7th-50 BR, 7th-100 FR); Jewel Gordon- SMST (1st-50 FR, 1st-50 BR, 100 FR, 1st-100 IM, 3rd-50 FLY); Trey Lydon- STH (12th-50 BK, 13th-100 FR); Will Tippett- SMST (6th-50 FR, 9th-50 BR, 9th-100 FR, 15th-100 IM); Jamee Mitchum- SMST (1st-50 FLY, 2nd-50 FR, 3rd-50 BK, 3rd-100 IM, 4th-100 FR); Audrey Rackel- SMST (4th-50 FR, 5th-50 BK, 6th-50 FLY, 6th-100 FR, 12th-100 IM); Avery Wilson- STH (7th-50 FR, 9th-100 IM, 10th-50 FLY, 11th-50 BR, 11th-100 FR); Dallas Woods- SMST (1st-50 BK, 3rd-100 FR, 5th-50 FR, 5th-50 BR, 5th-50 FLY);

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Congratulations to the following Baylor Swim Club Athletes for being awarded the high point winner or runner up for their respective age group

  • Luke Waldrep- 9-10 Boys high point winner
  • Caroline Schenck- 11-12 Girls high point runner up
  • Ellie Waldrep- 13-14 Girls high point runner up
  • Jewel Gordon-  15-18 Girls high point winner
  • Jamee Mitchum- 15-18 Girls high point runner up
  • Trey Freeman- 15-18 boys high point winner

Individual High Point Scores