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Baylor Feeling Very Merry After Jingle Bell Classic Meet
by Brian Gill 2016-12-15 09:31:00

DALTON, GA- On Saturday, December 10th, over seventy Baylor Swim Club athletes traveled to Dalton High School in Dalton, GA to race in the 2016 Jingle Bell Classic Meet. Over 200 swimmers from the states of Tennessee and Georgia competed in the swim meet. Congratulations to all Baylor swimmers for an outstanding meet on Saturday.

Complete Meet Results


Baylor Top 16 Finishers

7 & Under

Mary Barnett (4th-50 FR, 50 BK); Klein Boyd (1st-50 FR, 50 BK, 7th-25 FLY, 13th-25 FR, 12th-25 BK); Charlotte Brock (3rd-50 FR, 4th-50 BK, 16th-25 BR); Catherine Curtis (1st-50 BK, 2nd-25 BK, 8th-50 FR, 9th-25 FLY, 10th-25 BR); Cayden Henry (1st-50 FR, 5th-25 FLY, 7th-25 FR, 9th-25 BK); Kaitlyn Koo (3rd-50 BK, 9th-50 FR, Lucy Lydon (1st-50 FR, 50 BK, 6th-25 FR, 10th-25 FLY, 15th-25 BK); Alana Oliver (2nd-50 FR, 12th-25 BR); Sarah Sabou (5th-50 FR, 50 BK, 15th-25 BR); Addie Soder (14th-25 BR); Lela Kate Sorrow (6th-50 FR, 50 BK); Ashley Walmsley (10th-50 FR, 11th-25 FLY); Sophie Williams (2nd-50 FR, 16th-25 FR); Charles Wood (3rd-25 FLY, 4th-25 BR, 6th-25 BK, 7th-50 FR); Kate Wood (5th-25 BR, 11th-25 BK, 14th-50 FR,

8 Year Olds

Adam Garcia (3rd-25 BR, 4th-100 FR, 8th-50 FR, 25 FLY, 9th-25 FR); Carter Gordon (6th-25 BR, 10th-25 BK, 11th- 50 FR, 16th-25 FR); KaraLin Hoover (1st-25 BR, 50 BR, 2nd-25 FR, 100 FR, 100 IM); Bailey Long (1st-50 FR, 5th-25 BK, 7th-25 FLY); Maddie Marsh (3rd-50 FR, 10th-50 FR, 25 BK); Alyssa Pashley (3rd-50 BR, 4th-100 IM, 6th-25 BK, 8th-25 FLY, 11th-50 FR); Katie Grace Tuder (1st-100 FR, 3rd-50 FR, 25 BK, 4th-25 BR, 5th-25 FLY);

9 Year Olds

Ada Boyd (7th-50 FLY, 8th-50 BR, 9th-100 IM, 10th-50 FR, 50 BK); Logan Carroll (10th-50 FLY, 11th-50 BK, 15th-50 FR); Maddux Clardy (7th-100 IM, 9th-50 FR, 100 FR, 12th-50 BK); Caroline Curtis (5th-100 FR, 50 BR, 7th-100 IM, 50 FR, 50 BK, 8th-100 IM); Nate Farnham (7th-50 FLY, 9th-50 BR, 12th-100 FR, 15th-50 BK); Julianna Gardner (9th-100 FR, 11th-50 FLY, 12th-50 BR, 14th-50 FR, 100 IM); Jackson Gordon (8th-100 IM, 11th-50 FLY); Ava McCoy (1st-50 BR, 3rd-100 FR, 4th-50 BK, 5th-50 FR, 100 IM); Camden Nelson (3rd-50 FLY, 6th-100 FR, 7th-100 IM, 9th-50 FR, 50 BK); Addie Parsons (3rd-50 BR, 4th-100 IM, 6th-25 BK, 8th-25 FLY, 14th-50 BK); Seth Roberson (4th-50 FR, 100 FR, 100 IM, 7th-50 BK, 8th-50 BR); Cole Ruth (15th-100 FR, 16th-50 BK); David Sabou (2nd-50 BK, 50 BR, 3rd-100 FR, 4th-50 FLY, 5th-50 FR); Luke Smiley (5th-50 BR, 6th-100 FR, 11th-50 FR);

10 Year Olds

Tynan Borders (15TH-200 FR); Caroline Klotz (4th-100 IM, 5th-50 FR, 100 FR, 6th-50 BR); Hannah Laramore (3rd-50 FLY, 4th-50 BK, 5th-50 BR, 8th-50 FR, 100 FR); Cooper Lehman (1st-50 BR, 50 FLY, 2nd-50 BK, 100 IM, 4th-50 FR); Ellie Lydon (2nd-50 FLY, 3rd-100 IM, 4th-100 FR, 50 BR, 7th-50 FR); Andrew Milz (13th-100 IM, 16th-50 BR); Jospeh Myers (4th-50 FLY, 6th-100 FR, 50 BK, 7th-50 FR, 10th-50 BR); Angelina Short (13th-50 BK, 16th-100 FR); Zoe Solomon (11th-50 FLY, 16th-50 BK); Teagan Tobias (5th-50 FLY, 14th-100 FR, 16th-50 BR); Vivian Vetzel (7th-50 BK, 7th-100 IM, 8th-50 BR); Luke Waldrep (1st-50 FR, 100 FR, 50 BK, 100 IM, 3rd-50 FLY); Olivia Wright (10th-100 FR, 13th-50 BR, 15th-100 IM, 16th-50 FR, 50 BK);


Sam Flack (6th-50 BR, 7th-50 BK, 9th-100 FR, 13th-50 FR); Olivia Gonzalez (12th-50 BR, 14th-50 FLY); Bella Lehman (1st-50 BK, 5th-100 IM, 8th-100 FLY, 9th-50 BR); Bella Miller (3rd-50 BR, 4th-100 FR, 6th-50 FLY, 7th-50 FR, 11th-100 IM); Charlotte Murphree (6th-50 BR, 10th-50 FLY, 12th-50 BK); Caroline Schenck (1st-50 BR, 100 IM, 2nd-50 FR, 100 FR, 50 FLY); Allie Thornbury (12th-50 FR, 15th-50 BK); Ela Wooten (10th-50 BK, 11th-50 BR);

13 & Over

Aidan Sims (1st-100 FLY, 200 IM, 2nd-100 FR, 3rd-100 BK, 4th-50 FR); Daniel Snyder (7th-100 FLY, 11th-100 BR, 13th-100 FR, 14th-50 FR); Ellie Waldrep (1st-100 BR, 100 FLY, 200 IM, 100 FR);



Personal Best Times (Developmental & AG listed only)

Alana Barker (50 FR, 50 BK, 50 FLY); Mary Barnett (25 BK); Tynan Borders (100 FR); Ada Boyd (50 FR, 50 BR, 50 FLY, 100 IM); Klein Boyd (25 BK); Rachael Carden (50 FR, 100 FR); Logan Carroll (50 FR, 50 BK); Maddux Clardy (50 FR, 100 FR); Caroline Curtis (50 Fr, 100 FR, 50 BR); Catherine Curtis (25 BK, 50 BK); Nate Farnham (50 BK, 50 BR, 50 FLY); Adam Garcia (25 FR, 25 BR); Julianna Gardner (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 FLY); Olivia Gonzalez (50 BK, 50 BR); Jackson Gordon (100 IM); Elizabeth Hamilton (50 BR); Cayden Henry (25 FR); Jacob Holmes (50 FR, 50 BR, 50 FLY, 100 IM); KaraLin Hoover (25 FR, 25 BR, 50 BR, 100 IM); Kaitlyn Koo (50 FR); Hannah Laramore (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 BK, 50 BR, 50 FLY); Cooper Lehman (50 FR, 50 BK, 50 BR, 50 FLY); Bailey Long (50 FR, 25 BK, 25 FLY); Lucy Lydon (25 FR, 50 FR, 25 BK, 50 BK, 25 FLY); Maddie Marsh (50 FR, 25 BK); Ava McCoy (100 FR, 50 BK, 100 IM); Andrew Milz (50 BR, 100 IM); Jospeh Myers (50 BR, 50 FLY); Camden Nelson (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 FLY, 100 IM); Alana Oliver (50 FR, 25 BK); Alyssa Pashley (25 BK, 50 BR, 25 FLY); Audrey Ruth (25 FR, 25 BK); Seth Roberson (100 FR, 50 BR, 100 IM); Angelina Short (50 FR); Addie Soder (25 FR); Zoe Solomon (50 FR, 100 FR, 50 FLY); Lela Kate Sorrow (50 BK); Allie Thornbury (100 FR, 100 IM); Katei Grace Tudor (50 FR, 100 FR, 25 BR, 25 FLY); Vivian Vetzel (50 FR, 50 BR); Ashlyn Walmsley (50 FR); Sophie Williams (25 FR, 50 FR); Charles Wood (25 BK); Kate Wood (25 BK, 25 BR)